Character Creation

All classes are available and everyone starts play with 100GP and A free Adventurer’s Kit.

Make a level one character.

Stats can be generated by rolling 4d6 (reroll 1’s and then drop the lowest (Example: I roll 4-6 sided dice and get 4,5,2,1. I would reroll the die that shows a 1. This time it was a 6. After dropping the two the total for this roll would be 15) – do this 10 times and then choose the six scores that you would like to use for your character.

There are no other restrictions that I’m aware of, but if something seems crazy out of the ordinary you might want to make a post in the forums to request permission before you spend a lot of time on something that might get denied when you try to present it at a game session.

Character Creation

The Order of the Styx Raldage