Selena Shadowbane

A agile half-elf, and devoted follower of Kord. Sister of the half-elf ranger Khazer. A renowned archer, she travels in the company of her brother under the leadership of the Ranger Erogoren.


A young half-elf of 20. She stands about five foot eight, with an agile and strong body. Her brown hair cut to just above her shoulders, her green eyes matching the forests she so often guards. She wears black iron with a black hood, with a grey chainmail shirt. Etched upon which are the markings of Kord. A quiver rests against her back, and two curved daggers sheathed on her boots. She wields two longswords strapped to her hips, and a mighty longbowher hands. Her wolf Tsar walks by her side.


Along with her brothe Khazer, Selena grew up along the shores of the elven lands. A strong pull of mystery pulled her to the life of a ranger, tho without a teacher she never left home. Tho that changed with the arrival of the Ranger Erogoren, who already taking on two students sought both Selena and her brother. From the day she joined Erogorens company she felt at home and at peace. She travels with her companions seeking out evil, and raining a volley of arrows upon her enemies.

Selena Shadowbane

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