Morrowind Farseer

A agile half-elf, and devoted follower of Kord. Morrowind sought the mantle of Pathfinder, and took to the path of justice under the guidence of the Ranger Erogoren.


A young half-elf of 18. She stands about five foot eight, with an agile and strong body. Her auburn hair flows down to the midle of her back, her green eyes matching the forests she so often guards. She wears black iron almost with a black hood, with a grey chainmail shirt. Etched upon which are the markings of Kord. A quiver rests against her lower back, and two curved daggers sheathed on her hips. She wields two longswords strapped to her back, and a mighty longbowher hands. Her wolf Fell walks by her side.


Morrowind grew up as a childhood friend of Erogoren Numenor. After the fall of Ebonhold, Morrowind was at a loss of her friend, until his return years later. She saw the change in him, the way he carried himself and the way he sought peace and justice. She trained herself as a ranger and soon earned the mantle of Pathfinder. Joining her childhood friend in rooting out evil and preserving order in the elven lands.

Morrowind Farseer

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