Khazer Shadowbane

A strong willed half-elf and follower of Kord. Khazer is the brother of the ranger Selena. Eraning the title of Tempest Blade, Khazer studies under the leadership of the Ranger Erogoren.


A young half elf of about twenty years. He stands about six foot. He is broad and athletic for an half-elf. His brown hair is croped short and his brown eyes shine against his tanned skin. He wears black iron with a black hood, with a grey chainmail shirt. Etched upon which are the markings of Kord. A quiver of arrows rests on his left hip with a wicked knife sheathed on his hip. Two small daggers rest sheathed on his boots. He wields two longswords strapped to his back, and a mighty longbow in his hands. Larka his wolf walks by his side.


Growing up with his sister Selena along the shores of the elven lands. Khazer had, with his sister, taken the title of ranger and safe guarded their lands. Taking more kindly to the sword than the bow, Khazer trained himself in the dance of swordsmanship. But the calling of adventured pulled to him everyday until with the coming of one ranger, his prayers were answered. He and his sister left their beloved home undet the inspiring leadership of the ranger Erogoren, seeking out and bringing justice to the corrupted of the land.

Khazer Shadowbane

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