Erogoren Numenor

Known as the "Wolf" by fellow rangers. A noble half-elf, and devoute worshiper of Kord. Renowned stormwarden of the elven kingdom.


A young half elf of about twenty six years. He stands about six foot two. He is broad and athletic for an half-elf taking strongly from his fathers side. His black hair is croped short and his grey eyes shine against his tanned skin. He wears black iron armor with a black hood, with a grey chainmail shirt. Etched upon which are the markings of Kord, and his shoulders resemble that of a wolfs head. A endless quiver of arrows rests on his left hip with a two wicked knives sheathed on his lower back. Two small daggers rest sheathed on his boots. He wields two longswords of frost strapped to his back, and a mighty longbow etched with lightning in his hands. Marrah his wolf walks by his side.


The half-elf Ranger Erogoren Numenor the “Wolf” was born the twin brother of Ranger Arewan Numenor the “Panther”. He was born the son to the beautiful elf Ranger Lady Elyssia the “Hawk” and the valiant human Paragon Lord Vakar Numenor. Erogoren was born and raised at his fathers estate on the outskirts of Ebonhold. From the time Erogoren could walk his father taugh himthe mastery of the blade, and as he grew he excelled greatly at the dance of duel weilding blades. From the utter of his first words his father lead him down the path of Kord as well as teachings of honor and loyalty. Ergoren steadly began to grow into a strong and courages man, one his sister greatly admired. On his twelfth birthday his mother began to teach him the ways of the Ragner. Using the night and shadows to his advantage, and allying himself with the wilds. Tracking, foraging, and scouting were key. As quickly as he grasped the art of the sword, he took up the mighty longbow and learned its ways. Erogoren quickly became the prodigil son his parents could hope for, and his sister Arewan was not far behind. Erogoren became known in Ebonhold, as both a fierce fighter and a respected man. However this life did not last as one would like. For on his eighteenth birthday his life was turned upide down. A dark army marched on Ebonhold, lead by his fathers sister Amorous. His father in attempt to save as many as he could in the city lead his company against his sister, but was slain by the foul sorceress. That day Erogoren left with his sister and mother into the wilds seeking aid. That aid did not come however as they were over come by feral wolves. His mother tried valiantly to save her children felling all but two before she succumbed to her wounds. It was at that moment that Erogoren took up his mothers bow and slew the wolves in defence of his sister, thus earning his title. Yet now Erogoren was left with no one but his sister, and the duty of caring and protecting her.

The two children spent near a month on their own, the wilds over took them. They collapsed from wounds, hunger, and exhaustion. The gods, however, smiled upon the two children as they laid dying upon the forest floor. For at that moment a young golden dragon by the name of Tao saw the two humans and took pity on them. Tao’s mate had been killed by a red dragon and thus no children of his own were ever created, he looked at the two half elves as his own. He scooped them up in his great claws and carried them to its home in the mountains. There Tao nursed the children back to health and began to raise them on his own. Soon Erogoren and Arewan had regained their strength and continue their lives alongside the dragon coming soon to think of him as their father. Erogoren spent his next years training in the art of blacksmithing as his father had taught him, creating two fine longswords to weild in battle. In his time he trained with his sister in the ways of the Ranger, and honoring their devotion to their deities. On his twenty first birthday Tao smiled upon Erogoren. He had come so far and his journey had carved him into a strong and honorable man, he had rightfully earned the title of ranger. To Erogorens surprise Tao blessed him and his sister with the armor of once noble Rangers. The next year the half elf said good by to the one he came to love as father and set about the world on his journey to seek out the roots of evil and banish them from the world. He soon gathered a company of rangers like himself, and after dawning the mantle of stormwarden, darkness itself feared him.

Erogoren Numenor

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