Blane Forthwright IV

Level 13 / Class Bard / Paragon Path Half-Elf Polymath / Half-Elf / Medium / 17 yrs old / Male / 6'2" / 175 lbs / Unaligned / Diety: Sehanine


Ability Scores:
STR 17
CON 22
DEX 17
INT 17
WIS 17
CHA 23

AC 23
REF 22

Passive Insight 26
Passive Perception 23

Hit Points: 94
Bloodied: 47
Surge Value: 23
Surges/Day: 13

Race Features:
Dilettante, Dual Heritage, Group Diplomacy

Class / Path / Destiny Features:
Bardic Training, Bardic Virtue of Valor, Majestic Word, Multiclass Versatility,
Skill Versatility, Song Of Rest, Words Of Friendship, Dabbler Action, Well Rounded

Ritual Caster, Melee Training (Charisma), Bard Of All Trades, Weapon Expertise (Heavy Blades),
Skill Focus (Diplomacy), Skill Focus (Bluff), Bardic Knowledge, Versatile Master, Implement Expertise (Heavy Blades)

Languages Known:
Common, Elven, Dragonic

At-Will Powers:
Energy Strobe, War Song Strike, Guiding Strike

Encounter Powers:
Second Wind, Energizing Strike, Majestic Word, Words Of Friendship, Charger’s Call,
Scorpion’s Claw Strike, Practiced Dilettante, Earthquake Strike

Daily Powers:
Echoing Roar, Word Of Mystic Warding, Hymn Of The Daring Rescue

Utility Powers:
False Bravado, Echoing Steps, Word Of Life, Skill Dabbler, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation

Brew Potion, Glib Limerick, Enchant Magic Item, Transfer Enchantment

Magic Items:
Tuning Songblade Longsword +1, Shield Of Silver Light Light Shield, Skald’s Leather Armor +1,
Periapt Of Proof Against Poison +1, Iron Arm Bands Of Power, Belt Of The Brawler, Acrobat Boots, Hedge Wizard’s Gloves, Reading Spectacles, Bag Of Holding


All his life Blane Forewright IV has felt a wander lust, and it has thus far served him well. He has travelled the world many times over; always in search of a good song, drink, or friend. He has met many beautiful women in those travels, falling deeply in love with them all, but that’s just his way. Enemies has also been made along that way though; most of whom were angry husbands, fathers, or brothers (some of whom he also owes money too).

Until little over a month ago, and just before his 17th birthday, he was never alone in those journeys. All his life he has travelled with Allura, the hypnotically beautiful female half-elf bard who raised and trained him in their art. He was given to her as baby by an eladrin wizard who said that a mutual friend needed her to raise and train him in secret, and that for his own safety Blane could never learn his true name.

Recently Allura told Blane that she something important to take care of privately, and that she would meet him in the city of Blane when she had completed her task (also that he was to use that name while staying there); but there has been no sign or word of her. Whenever they are apart for more than a few days, she always uses the ritual Sending to contact him.

Then there is the dream, the same one every night since his 17th birthday. Blane sees a male humanoid cloaked in shadows who always asks him what his is name, and where is he at. He knows the man cannot see his face. At the end the of the dream man always says the same thing: “They cannot hide you from me any longer. I know you exist now, and I will find you…” Before the man finishes what he is saying Blane always awakens in frustration.

Blane has decided that he needs answers; he has to find out what has become of Allura, and who the man in shadows in is (and what he wants with him). The only person he knows who might have the answers he seeks is the eladrin wizard who gave him to Allura. Blane’s path is set and clear, he must do whatever it takes to find the eladrin wizard. Now all that remains is for the right opportunity to present itself…

Blane now finds himself travelling with the Order of the Styx. Makinig him a servent of the Great Death God Hades, and a fugitive from the wrath of the New King Vincent Darkwater Kane. To further complicate matters the mysterious figure from his dreams has at last presented itself to Blane (although this being wraps itself in a variaty mystic concealments) with an offer. This shadow being wants the amulets that Hades has given to the Order of the Styx; and claims that Allura is his captive, whom he is willing to trade for that which he desires. It seems that Blane is surrounded by darkness at every turn, and is forced to choose the lesser of many evils.

Recently the son of Bahamut and Pelor, who would not reveal his divine name, has presented himself to Blane (and the other member’s of Targus’s Tribe). He pretended to be the mysterious being in black, not realizing he is Blane’s enemy. The young godling has freed Tarkin’s Tribe from Hade’s Order of the Styx (taking from them their Styx amulets); only after did he reveal to them that Hades may seek retribution on Tarkin’s Tribe for the loss of the souls imprisoned in the amulets.

Targus’s Tribe has now avenged their master and founder, the Great and Just Lord Tarkin, by dispatching the wicked and deceitful King Vincent Darkwater Kane. They also find themselves in the Castle of Ages dungeon, waiting on Prince Timothy (the son of King Vincent Darkwater Kane) to decide their fate. They have convinced the Royal Vizer Melf that it was the Sorceress Amorous who murdered the King, and not Targus’s Tribe. So now this some what noble (well at least descent on occasion) band of adventurers pin their hopes (and lives) that the Vizer is able to convince the Prince of their innocence. Blane though, still finds himself no closer to rescueing his mentor Allura. A mission that he cannot and will not fail, for her he shall find a way out of the darkness.

Blane Forthwright IV

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