Baldur Darkfang

A noble half-elf ranger and devoted follower of Kord. Baldur earned the mantle of Deepwood Archer, and under the tutalidge of Ranger Erogoren seeks the path of justice.


A half-elf of twenty four years. He stands near six feet and a strong build. His brown hair cropped close to his head, and his brown eyes set against it. He wears black iron almost jet black leather armor with a black hood, with a grey chainmail shirt. Etched upon which are the markings of Kord. A quiver rested on his back, while two daggers found themselves sheathed into his boots. He wields two longswords of strapped to his hips, and a mighty longbow in his hands. Sabrina his wolf walks by his side.


Baldur grew up in the upper levels of the elven society, originally learning the art of swordsmanship. Baldur set out to become a royal guard for the elven leader. However one day a strange ranger came through his city and Baldur knew right away in his heart that his path was that of a ranger. He sought to become a student of the ranger. A few years later Baldur excelled at the skill of the bow and earned the mantle of Deepwood Archer. He still travles the elven kingdoms with his former teacher Erogoren.

Baldur Darkfang

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