a dwarf warlord who has a taste for alcohol


Arlin is a dwarf warlord who has been battle hardend from years of war he has lead his squad of the most elite dwarf’s. when he was the was in battle he was know for leading charges in to swarms on any 5- 20 of his elite warriors and rangers. during his command over his squad he was know for never losing a battle. he being a dwarf went in to battle hungry and thirst for alcohol. after the Battle he was know for saying a prayer, closing the fallen eyes and branding his seal and a cross in to the persons chest.

his squad never lost a man due to battle many of his men went crazy they began screaming Nerull is coming. before there eyes went black and they went limp. how ever non of these dwarfs died.they all ended up in qurenteen and have never been heard from scince.

during his command he was pinned down by a group of 5 10foot dragonkin.
they all would have parrished how ever a squad of 5 half elves were passing buy and killed the dragon-kin. arlin had befriended these half elfs lead by erogon. erogon and himself were an unstoppable force. erogon was a thinker coming up with stratgys on overcoming the ennemy while arlin charged in to battle using these plans to overwhelm there foe and crush them.

one night after finding out his wife of 20 years was killed in a mugging when she refused to submit. she was 8 mouths pregnat and had there 2 year old son with her. the baby did not surive the brutal stabing and the young dwarf of 2 was not to be found. going in to battle moral seemed low and arlin almost died but survived thanks a stange ocurance that he dose not speak of.

scince then he has spent most of his life drinking his squad mates use to comend him for his greate honnor and courage in a fight and the respect he had for the dead. however now a days he seems to not care about honnor or his code of war he created for him and his squad when they were in battle.


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