Arewan Numenor

Known as the "Panther" by many rangers. A beautiful and gentle half-elf, and devoted follower of Ehlonna. She is known for her deathly assault with a bow, and her kinship with animals.


A young half elf of twenty two. She stands around six feet talk with shoulder length blond hair normally pulled back in pony tail. She is slender, tone, and agile taking after her mother. Her blue eyes dazzle like the sea against her tanned skin. She wears strong grey leather armor etched with the symbols of Ehlonna, the shoulders of which resemble the might felines heads of the panther. She wields two daggers at her hips, a quiver of arrows at her back, and a mighty longbow capable of charging her arrows with lightning. She has an unusual perception of the world, always seeking our kindness and justice, however holding no true love towards any of the races said for elves or humans.


The Ranger Arewan Numenor the “Panther” was born the twin of the great Ranger Erogoren Numenor the “Wolf”. She grew up in her fathers estate alongside her brother on the outskirts of Ebonhold. Unlike her brother who learned the ways of the warrior, Arewan was reined right into the path of the Ranger by her mother Lady Elyssia the “Hawk”. She excelled greatly in the woods, and even greater at her prowness with a bow. Rumors spread that she could thin the ranks of any legion by half before they reached the city gates. Her life was well and good, living at the side of her brother who cared for her with all his heart. Until the fateful day that the sorceress Amorous killed her father, and her mother was slain protecting her brother and herself. However at that day Erogoren became as close as ever to her, risking his life to save hers against the feral wolves. That day she would always hold the greatest of love for him.

Life was not easy for them alone however, and the soon succumbed to the wilds. Tho to her disbelief they were saved, by the most unlikely of creatures. A dragon, Tao of the Mountain. He rescued the two half-elves and raised them as their own. They grew quickly and learned quicker. Arewan spent her time learning the art of music while her brothe toiled in the smithy. Upon her and her brothers twenty first birthday they were blessed with the titles of Rangers and given the armor that would protect them in years to come. She left with her brother the next year, saying their goodbyes to Tao, the one who had become their father. They travled across the world together, Erogoren and herself, seeking out evil and punishing the damned. Their paths however were seperated when they were needed by others, yet their bond never faltered.

Arewan Numenor

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