Amorous Numenor

The might and dreaded sorceress known as the "Shadow". An enchantress and magister, a necromancer and a sorceress in the same. Devoted to Nerull, she seeks to corrupt the very gods themselves.


A human of stunning beauty standing little under six feet tall. Her crystalline blue eyes can cute deep into any mans soul set against her jet black glinting hair. Her leather jerking is runned with the dark forces that surround her, its center gem gleams with the power of the daemon she holds under her whip. This rests over her dark blue robes. Her final mastery of power is her great staff of the void, capable of calling forth the souls of the very dead.


Once an enchantress of great renown in the realm of Ebonhold. Lady Armorous Numenor held great influence in the realm alongside her brother Lord Vakar Numenor, a strict follower in the ways of Boccob. She walked the streets keeping peace, and aiding any in need. However something happened one night, something that change the once gentle being. She became cruel and self centered, and became a follower of Nerull. Soon her deeds could not go un-punished and she was banished from the kingdom.

With her banishment she continued her religion and ascended to High Priestess of Nerull. For serving her god, she was blessed with enormous power. Her arts of the arcane grew, as necromancy and daemonism increased. She soon ruled over a small region near Ebonhold from her Black Tower.

Amorous Numenor

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