• Arlin


    a dwarf warlord who has a taste for alcohol
  • Blane Forthwright IV

    Blane Forthwright IV

    Level 13 / Class Bard / Paragon Path Half-Elf Polymath / Half-Elf / Medium / 17 yrs old / Male / 6'2" / 175 lbs / Unaligned / Diety: Sehanine
  • Braig Belegorn

    Braig Belegorn

    A wild looking elf who is a brother to the forest and all that dwells within it.
  • Drak


    A dragon born follower of the Raven Queen
  • Erogoren Numenor

    Erogoren Numenor

    Known as the "Wolf" by fellow rangers. A noble half-elf, and devoute worshiper of Kord. Renowned stormwarden of the elven kingdom.
  • Gregoria


    She was not always a she. She was put under a terrible curse by an evil witch and must now seek out a higher power to regain her manhood. Although being a women does have it's advantages...
  • Amorous Numenor

    Amorous Numenor

    The might and dreaded sorceress known as the "Shadow". An enchantress and magister, a necromancer and a sorceress in the same. Devoted to Nerull, she seeks to corrupt the very gods themselves.
  • Arewan Numenor

    Arewan Numenor

    Known as the "Panther" by many rangers. A beautiful and gentle half-elf, and devoted follower of Ehlonna. She is known for her deathly assault with a bow, and her kinship with animals.
  • Baldur Darkfang

    Baldur Darkfang

    A noble half-elf ranger and devoted follower of Kord. Baldur earned the mantle of Deepwood Archer, and under the tutalidge of Ranger Erogoren seeks the path of justice.
  • Khazer Shadowbane

    Khazer Shadowbane

    A strong willed half-elf and follower of Kord. Khazer is the brother of the ranger Selena. Eraning the title of Tempest Blade, Khazer studies under the leadership of the Ranger Erogoren.
  • Lord Targus

    Lord Targus

    The wary and somewhat wiry ruler of Kauris
  • Milo


    A short grumpy fellow. Owner of The Perilous Beaver
  • Morrowind Farseer

    Morrowind Farseer

    A agile half-elf, and devoted follower of Kord. Morrowind sought the mantle of Pathfinder, and took to the path of justice under the guidence of the Ranger Erogoren.
  • Rothgar


    Pale/Grey skinned human.
  • Selena Shadowbane

    Selena Shadowbane

    A agile half-elf, and devoted follower of Kord. Sister of the half-elf ranger Khazer. A renowned archer, she travels in the company of her brother under the leadership of the Ranger Erogoren.
  • Sylvanas Dawnbringer

    Sylvanas Dawnbringer

    A noble, high born half-elf. A proud follower of Corellon. Sylvanas dedication to her training as a sorceress has earned her the mantle of Wizard of the Spiral Tower