The Order of the Styx

So Many Tombs, So Little Time

The Quest for Glory

Who doesn’t love a shopping adventure? That happened…it was good times.

The Order of the Styx ventured out into the world after that, and having obtained the key to the proper tomb from the Cave of Wonders, to seek out the first of the Swords of Legend. They began making their way up the mountains when they encountered an old man.

The thief like dragon born, possessed by some sort of spirit of rage, upset the humble pie maker and The Order was forced to continue their trek without any pie. As it was growing dark they decided to take refuge in a nearby cave where they met a not so fierce Drabbit named Sky. He spoke to them briefly, but gave them permission to rest the night in his cave.

During the night the sneaky Drabbit stole the key that our heroes had so lately obtained. Ever the brilliant bunch The Order quickly realized that the item was missing and made their way to the tombs where, fortunately, the Drabbit had left the proper door open. They found him attempting to puzzle his way through the tomb (clearly not having much luck).

They, after a firey and occasionally cold type death made their way to the sword chamber and were daunted by the words, “To the Victor goes the spoils…” until they (with some help of the druid and his ever impressive goose form and the humble pie maker) found Victor Friday, a long dead king, in the sarcophagus at the tomb’s opening. He happily led them back to the sword chamber and reclaimed Glory, the sword of Freedom, from the pilar on which it rested.

King Friday quickly regained much of his lost strength and The Order began to grow nervous…



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