The Order of the Styx

Session 15: Follow The Monkey Brick Road, Follow The Monkey Brick Road

*Blane pops out of the Magic Flask next to Drak and the King of Mechanis (Evil Robot Santa)
-Blane asks Drak who won the fight between Father Fellfire and Land Pirate Captain; Drak is unsure but he knows Father Fellfire survived
-A few moments later Braig, Gregoria, & Father Fellfire walk into the throne room
-Targus’s Tribe has a polite yet costly conversation with King Evil Robot Santa
-2 robot guards take Tarkin’s Tribe to a large bedroom where erector set beds are being assembled; Targus’s Tribe then sleep
-When Targus’s Tribe awaken a human wearing a long leather duster stands before them, he is named Corwin (aka 20 year old Richard Dean Anderson),
-Corwin and Targus’s Tribe talk about Amber (his homeplane), Deceit, and Truth; he agrees to take them to Amber later, first he has some business to take care of with King Evil Robot Santa

*Targus’s Tribe meets up with Corwin (and his newly purchased army of 200 or so metal men)
-Corwin says they must watch him on the path they take to Amber or be forever lost (or at least until Father Fellfire can come ever faithfully to their rescue, oh those wacky kind hearted priest of Vecna)
-They step off the metal disk of Mechanis and the worlds swirl around them; when it ends they are in a land much like Oz with a Crystal Palace in the distance (Welcome to Amber boys and girls)
-Corwin pulls out a deck of taro cards and summons a young girl named Fiona to take Targus’s Tribe to the Shadow Court (a dark and twisted version of Amber)
-Fiona drops them off, turns on her heal and departs
-6 Armored Monkey Men come up to Targus’s Tribe; despite Braigs best attempts at diplomacy combat ensues (for some unknowable reason Tarkin’s Tribe just didn’t want to be taken to “Her” in pieces)

*Combat: Targus’s Tribe verses The Monkey Men
-Drak uses his devastating “Reaping Strike” on Monkey Man #1, it cries like a little girl and wants to throw poo at him
-Gregoria mercilessly unleashes her “All Bets Are Off” power on Monkey Man #5 killing it in fell blow
-Corwick skillfully uses his “Careful Attack” power on MM #3 (15 points of arrow damage)
-Monkey Man #1 savagely slices his sword into Drak (22 points of damage)
-Monkey Man #2 savagely slices his sword into Corwick (21 points of damage)
-Monkey Man #3 savagely slices his sword into Corwick as well (14 points of damage)
-Monkey Man #4 savagely slices his sword into Gregoria (28 points of damage)
-Braig shifts into wolf form and uses his “Latches On” power on the Monkey King, grappling him (17 points of damage by the by)
-Blane superbly uses his “Scorpion Claw Strike” power on the Monkey King (18 points of damage); Braig receives +6 AC until the end of Blane’s next turn
-Gregoria uses her “Sudden Surge” power on Monkey Man #3 killing it instantly
-Corvick arrows Monkey Man #4 with his “Hindering Shot” power (19 points of damage)
-MM #1 sword strikes himself in the face (this is what happens when Monkey Men attack and they have no poo to fling)
-Monkey Man #2 critically sword strikes Father Fellfire in the leg (the look the Vecnites face makes him instantly regret it)
-Braig bravely uses his “Storm Spike” power on the Monkey King killing him (17 points of damage)
-Father Fellfire lays his hands on Monkey Man #2 and it dies a horrible death (to horrible to describe)
-Drak savagely uses his “Reaping Strike” on Money Man #1 killing it
-Blane uses his “Energy Stroke” power on Money Man #4 killing it with radiant energy, and thus the battle is ended

*The ever silent Corvick loots the bodies of the Monkey Men, taking their swords (how someone who never speaks intends to sell them is a mystery yet to be solved)

*As Targus’s Tribe begins heading on the path to the Dark Palace once again they encounter a very bored Sphinx
-The Sphinx’s rule is simple: answer 3 riddles to pass, or become its dinner
-Riddle Number 1: Give me food and I live, give me water and I die. What am I? The Answer: Fire (brought to you by Braig & Drak)
-Riddle Number 2: Throw away the outside and cook the inside. Eat the outside and then throw away the inside. What am I? The Answer: Corn (brought to you once again by Braig, oh on a side note Arlin pops out of the flask)
Riddle Number 3: I can run but not walk. Where ever I go thought follows close behind. What am I? The Answer: NOT the word AFTER (This incorrect guess has been brought to you once again by Braig)
-For the first time in far too many years the Sphinx will finally get to eat, his mood is ever so slightly uplifted
-Arlin volunteers to be eaten first; Blane (while thinking this a most excellent idea) suggests to Gregoria using the “get of any one situation free card” might be opportune at point in time, fortunately for all those who do not want to be the Sphinx’s dinner she agrees (and the card is expended)
-The Sphinx asks Riddle #3 again; Targus’s Tribe prays to its various gods/goddesses, Bahamut sends a chicken to Gregoria with a note in its mouth (hint hint)
-After much debate Arlin guesses the answer to Riddle #3 is NOSE, it is indeed the correct answer; the Sphinx lazily sighs and tells Targus’s Tribe that they may pass
-The Sphinx asks to at least be able to eat the chicken, Gregoria says no (after all the chicken belongs to Bahamut, and is probably a dragon or something else in disguise)
-Upon arriving at the Dark Palace Targus’s Tribe are great by 2 giant spiders that agree to take them to see “Her” (it turns out that “Her” is a female drider, go figure)
-After some negotiation with Targus’s Tribe (for the last weapon of power) Her waves her hand and the spiders bring out a cocooned old man named Mortimer
-Mortimer is decocooned and painfully extracts the knowledge Her wants form Braig (the knowledge is literally ripped out of Braig head and takes the form of a scroll, by the by the knowledge is a map to Amber)
-Mortimer is then recocoooned and taken away
-Out of Targus’s Tribe Braig wins the who can childishly grab “Truth” contest, and gives it to Gregoria (it turns into a silver rapier)
-Now its time, boys and girls, for the weapons of power roll call: Glory (a great sword carried by Drak), Honor (a dagger carried by Braig), Justice (a rapier carried by Merisel), and finally Truth (a rapier carried by Gregoria)

*Targus’s Tribe plane shifts (courtesy of Father Fellfire) back to their homeland, much to their joy they happen to appear a short distance from the Castle of the Ages in Baustan (yah!)
-Father Fellfire opens a portal and they go to his secret room in Mastrom
-Father Fellfire spends a few minutes pulling levers, and a secret door opens; he invites them into his parlor (nothing bad can some of this, after all look how it turned out for the fly)
-Father Fellfire and Drak haggle over the price of his sword of power, it ends with Father Fellfire violently and mystically attacking Drak (59 points of damage, can you say owee?)
-Father Fellfire performs an hour long ritual to make the Four Weapons of Power into the One Weapon of Power (never touching the weapons directly once by the by)
-Father Fellfire tells Tarkin’s Tribe to get out and go kill King Vincent Darkwater Kane, and that he hopes to never see them again


Hmmm…I had done this once before…it’s not my fault that the machine didn’t take it. I’m going to take my anger at the machine out on your. You get 43 XP for the write up and 7 XP for not making Father Fellfire into a French Fry in the Adventure Log…


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