The Order of the Styx

Session 13: The Ultimate Boss Battle, Or Not

*And the mysterious figure in black (drum roll please) is none other than someone “The Tribe” has never seen before.
-In fact the mysterious figure in black is not even the real mysterious figure in black (who is the arch enemy, or at least minor antagonist of Blane)
-This being refers to itself as “The Son/Sun” of Bahamut and Pelor (please please don’t ask for details, because that would just be rude; and well, we really don’t have any to give you)
-“The Son/Sun” was sent here by one its fathers (in this case Bahamut) to procure from “The Tribe” the “Hades Amulets” that bind them together (and are apparently corrupting them as well, although some need a little less corrupting than others)
-“The Son/Sun” promises to release the captive souls within the amulets into its divine realm, where they will enjoy a peaceful afterlife (and perhaps strengthen the fledgling god’s power)
-“The Tribe” agrees to “The Son/Sun’s” offer, it is only then that “The Son/Sun” reveals that Hades may seek vengeance (what a wonderful surprise, and such a delightful time to reveal it)

*There is a second, even more untimely, knock as the “Son/Sun” departs; “The Tribe” takes covers in the back of the Ned, The Pie Makers, shop
-The over eager, and would be customer, manages to pick the lock just as Ned opens the door; enter the female elven locksmith “Merisel”
-“Merisel” of course knew that the pie shop (along with many other of the shops in Aramanthia) were closed in honor of KVDK’s visit; but she had a nagging craving for cherry pie, and thought it prudent to help herself gain entry and pie anyway
-Merisel orders her pie and rather bluntly asks Ned if he knows of any adventures that might be / have been in the area recently (aka “The Tribe”)
-While Ned begins making Merisel’s pie (and secretly consulting with “The Tribe” on what do about the locksmith) Chuck (Ned’s associate) engages her in small talk
-Blane instructs Ned to tell Merisel to be at the forest outside of Blaith in one weeks time if she wishes to meet “The Tribe;” this way if things go bad Ned’s pie shop will not end up as collateral damage
-Blane also notices that before Ned touches the pie the cherries inside it seem to be desiccated, and afterwards they seem fresh and ripe (curious and curiouser)
-After Merisel finishes her pie and departs, “The Tribe” departs a few minutes later

*One week passes and “The Tribe” lays in wait for Merisel in the forest outside of Blaith
-Braig has transformed into a deer grazing in the middle of field, while the others have taken positions in or behind the trees
-Merisel stealth fully enters the grove, all but unspotted save for by Blane and Drak; the locksmith easily spots the members of “The Tribe” save for the aforementioned adventurers
-Merisel decides to climb a tree for a more advantageous position, unfortunately she has chosen to climb the tree Drak is hiding in (a fact she discovered when she began climbing his leg)
-Drak viciously and casually kicks Merisel to the ground, and Braig (now transformed into a Puma) then pounces on her chest
-Blane then informs Merisel that this would be the time to convince “The Tribe” why they shouldn’t her on the spot
-Merisel claims to be a simple thief who foresees that the rein of KVDK will be very bad for her business; she happened to see “The Tribes” wanted posters and is willing to help them overthrow KVDK (for a modest cut of the take of course)
-Drak, bored now that the predictable first meeting between adventurers violence is over, heads into the city of Blaith
-Blane advises Merisel that before she joins “The Tribe,” she should know that she will be bound to the “Mysterious Magical Flask” that randomly sucks its members into for indeterminate amounts of time
-The locksmith seems unfazed by this fact (or perhaps more simply doesn’t understand the consequences of her actions) and become the newest addition to “The Tribe”

*The rest of “The Tribe” then enters the city of Blaith to decide what do next, most of the party goes to the nearest inn / tavern
-Blane though begins asking citizens on the streets if they happens to have seen a traveling eladrin wizard recently, when out of the corner of his eye he spots a mysterious figure in black hiding in an alley way
-Blane then goes to the alley way to investigate, but he doesn’t enter the alley way (realizing this may indeed be a trap)
-Father Fellfire conveniently emerges from the alley way a few moments later and is delighted to see Blane

*"The Tribe" and their self appointed spiritual advisor, a one Father Fellfire, are reunited at the local inn; they begin discussing their strategy for retrieving the “3rd Weapon Of Power” from “Carceri (The Red Prison)” and its master Warden Bowser
-Father Fellfire tells “The Tribe” that he is a business associate of Warden Bowser; and that it would be better for them to attempt to bribe him, for if they tried to face him in combat they would all surely die
-Apparently Warden Bowser is an avid collector of princesses, and this is what Father Fellfire suggests they offer him in exchange for the “3rd Weapon Of Power”
-Blane tells Father Fellfire that they will not kidnap and sell into slavery an innocent princess for the “3rd Weapon Of Power;” Father Fellfire says not to worry, he’ll just kidnap an evil one, and suddenly teleports away
-Drak prays to The Raven Queen for guidance; and is given a vision of a dark and twisted land with a prison palace made of bone
-The rest of “The Tribe” agrees on using Merisel as a princess decoy; Braig even goes to a tailor to have her a gown made (oh by the by, the tailor is a giant mouse woman)
-Despite the tailors best efforts Merisel looks nothing like a princess, well maybe one you would keep locked in a tower
-Father Fellfire then returns with a princess that none of them have ever seen, and before they can object to this he plane shifts them all to Carceri

*Upon arrival in Carceri “The Tribe” is greeted cordially by humanoid turtle guards and are kindly escorted to meet with Warden Bowser (who happens to have a princess crown, and all entirely dressed in pink, bound and gagged on a pedestal)
-“The Tribe” tries to pass Merisel off as a princess to Warden Bowser, but despite Blane’s silver tongue Warden Bowser just doesn’t seem to believe them (in fact he more interested in wiping his hand after having shook Blanes)
-Father Fellfire tell tries to exchange the princess he kidnapped for the “3rd Weapon of Power”
-Blane will not allow this and tells Drak to go to Plan B
-Drak then attempts to intimidate Warden Bowser into giving them what they want; Warden Bowser seems more annoyed than frightened, and Blane attempts to spit in his face
-Blane tells Drak to go to Plan C (aka kill him, which he meant in the first place when he said go to Plan B)
-Warden Bowser summons reinforcements as “The Tribe” engages him in battle, all the while Father Fellfire stands in the corner shaking his head and sighing
-The infamous warrior Dark Link descends from the ceiling, and 2 of the humanoid turtle guards enter from the behind Warden Bowsers desk to defend their cruel (and somewhat bored) master

*The battle is brief yet bloody with Blane getting the killing blow on Ward Bowser with his “Word of Mystic Warding” power
-Dark Link meets his unceremonious end when Drak casually slices him in two
-G/G and the minions finish off Turtle Guard #1 (one of the minions die a pathetic death in the process), and Blane finishes off Turtle Guard #2

*Some of “The Tribe” search Warden Bowsers corpse and find a key that unlocks his wall safe, inside is the “3rd Weapon Of Power”
-The other members release and tend to the 2 princesses
-Blane informs Princess Nadia, the one Father Fellfire kidnapped, that their world will be in need of a leader after KVDK is defeated and offers her the job; she declines saying she has to save her own world


Look at these 50 XP and you didn’t even have to remind me!


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