The Order of the Styx

Session 12: Priest Bites Druid

*The Tribe find themselves in the city of Kair; yes that right, for some reason they are once again in the city with the Army of Bear Statues (Controlled by a Magical Flaming Axe; I wonder who could possible own said Axe?) covered in their wanted posters
-Blane wisely decides to leave the city immediately, while some of the other have a spot of fun/insanity in the city (namely the Dwarf, aka Arlin the Anchor)
-A short time later and “The Tribe” is reunited in the forest outside of Kair
-Father Fellfire shows up mysteriously once again, and then sets off on a quest to find a way to end Blane’s mystically induced hatred of the flee bitten mange ridden druid known as Braig
-Gregor/Gregoria makes a wish that causes a giant time travel device (that can travel to any point in the past, and be used an unlimited number of times) to fall from the sky, nearly putting an untimely end to “The Tribe”
-Gregor/Gregoria then uses the device to send “The Tribe” back in time to just before they lost the HCT (the time travel device did not make the journey with them though)
-The aforementioned druid then decides to go on a wild goose chase, as a wild goose, and try to retrieve the HCT (which he has no idea how to operate) by himself

*Braig arrives in Serentalis (the city in which “The Tribe” lost the HCT) only to be met by Father Fellfire, who promptly murders him when Braig tells him about the RGTTD (Ridiculously Giant Time Travel Device)
-Father Fellfire then finds Past Braig and gives him Future Braig’s possessions and tells him to go to Aramanthia to meet up with the rest of “The Tribe” (sans HCT of course)

*In Aramanthia the tribe discovers that King Vincent Darkwater Kane will be arriving tomorrow to celebrate his coronation
-Blane discovers a delightful little pie shop (shaped like a piece of pie) run a man, woman, and their silent frowning friend (who likes to solve mysteries in his spare time, of which he has plenty)
-Braig teleports in right next to an astral projection of KVDK (King Vincent Darkwater Kane), who promptly shouts “You!”
-“The Tribe” takes refuge in the pie shop, and Blane confides in pie shop owner that “The Tribe” is trying to end the rein of the evil KVDK
-The pie shop owner agrees to help “The Tribe;” he will be on the look out for others wishing to start a rebellion, and will to deliver a letter to the Gnome King telling he were the RGTTD is (hopfully the gnomes will try to improve / break it; that way “The Tribe” won’t have to worry about adding Cronos to their enemies list)
-Gregor/Gregoria asks Braig why he didn’t return with the HCT; Braig has no memory of going to fetch it, and Gregor/Gregoria deduces that this is not Future Braig but Past Braig
-Blane takes a closer look at Braig and doesn’t feel a burning all consuming hatred, so whoever this is it obviously not the Braig that has been traveling with them (or Father Fell was true to his word, I know hard to believe, and has somehow mystically removed Blanes hatred for him)
-Blane once again mention the mysterious man in black who wants their Hades Amulets, when there is knock on the pie shop door; and you guessed right boys and girls it is none other than Dick Clark (just kidding, it is in fact the mysterious man in black)
-After much debate the man in black agrees to reveal itself, and it is none other than…



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