The Order of the Styx


Not to be confused with Adventure! (TM)

A lot of things have happened since a bard has come about to tell you about them. Most of them will pass away into the lands of things that are often forgotten, but I remember a few and so here they are.

The party, or maybe it was just one of them, went on a mad quest to find and use as many decks of many things as possible. The result being that they have quite a few interesting things, they’ve lost their HCT and are responsible for allowing an evil sorceress to make an attempt on the King’s life.

They went to sleep, most recently, in the presence of the King’s assassin and, she being sort of like the huntsman of Snow White fame, she meerly took all of their belongings and left them a note and some gold to put them in her version of the witness protection program. She set out and would have made it to the king via magic if the party had not gone to another plane and used a mythical fountain to draw her to them and kill her. (They are not very much like the huntsman of Snow White fame).

They did get all of their things back though and learned of other things which plague them. Now, perhaps, they will continue their quest for the swords of legend (they only have two of the four after all) and maybe on the way they’ll remember that they’re suppposed to be the good guys, but I’m not holding my breath!



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